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Family of Benjamin REES and Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN)

Husband: Benjamin REES (1831-1900)
Wife: Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN) (1839-1872)
Children: Rosy (Rosa) REES (1859-1925)
Pheobe REES (1861- )
Joshua REES (1864- )
Sarah REES (1864-1937)
Zipporah (Sophia) REES (1867- )
Samual REES (1869- )
Amelia REES (1871-1965)
Marriage 10 Jul 1859 Great Synagogue Charles London

Husband: Benjamin REES

Name: Benjamin REES
Sex: Male
Father: Barend (Barnet) REES (REESE) (RIES) (1795-1882)
Mother: Sarah ISAACS (1801-1887)
Birth 1831 Spitalfields London
Death 1900 (age 68-69) Mar Qtr, Mile End Old Town, London
Occupation Marine Store Dealer
Religion Jewish

Wife: Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN)

Name: Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN)
Sex: Female
Father: Joshua BETAN (BITTAN) (1811-1869)
Mother: Phoebe MARTIN (NUNES MARTINEZ) (1815-1879)
Birth 16 Jun 1839 Spitalfields, Whitechapel, London
17 Dorset Street, Christchurch.
Death 25 Apr 1872 (age 32) 48 Crispin Street Spitalfields London
Cause: Exhaustion after operation for Strangulated Hernia
Religion Jewish

Child 1: Rosy (Rosa) REES


Rosy (Rosa) REES, 1875, age 16, Rose Rees 1


Spouse: Charles HALL, Charles HALL2

Name: Rosy (Rosa) REES
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Charles HALL (1853-1918)
Spouse 2: James Berwood SMITH (1860-1925)
Birth 24 May 1859 Spitalfields London
6 Love Court
Religion Jewish
Death 15 Apr 1925 (age 65) Brighton, Sussex1
27 Cannon Place

Child 2: Pheobe REES

Name: Pheobe REES
Sex: Female
Spouse: Isidore BUTLER (1860- )
Birth 28 Oct 1861 4 Love Court, Petticoat Lane, Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish
Occupation Cigar Maker

Child 3: Joshua REES

Name: Joshua REES
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Oct 1864 Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish

Child 4: Sarah REES

Name: Sarah REES
Sex: Female
Spouse: Raphael HART (1865-1950)
Birth 1864 March Qtr Spitalfields London
Occupation Cigar Maker
Religion Jewish
Death 1937 (age 72-73) Jun Qtr, Stepney, London

Child 5: Zipporah (Sophia) REES

Name: Zipporah (Sophia) REES
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph SILKMAN (1866- )
Birth 29 Oct 1867 Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish
Death Boston, USA

Child 6: Samual REES

Name: Samual REES
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Jul 1869 Crispin Street, Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish
Occupation Cigar Maker

Child 7: Amelia REES

Name: Amelia REES
Sex: Female
Spouse: James SHORE (1866- )
Birth 28 Feb 1871 Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish
Death 1965 (age 93-94) Jun Qtr, Westminster, London

Note on Marriage

First marriage address given as 6 Love Court, Spitalfields. 1861 residing with wife and dau. Rose at 54 Goulston Street with the name REESE (with index as RUSE). 1871 Census living with wife & seven children at 48 Crispin Street Spitalfields London.

Note on Husband: Benjamin REES - shared note

Living with parents 1851 Census.

Note on Wife: Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN) - shared note

Birth not found in BM Synagogue records.1841 census living at Whites Row, Spitalfields. 1851 Census at 6 Heneage Lane with parents. At marriage civil certificate wrongly name spelt BRITTAN - address 6 Love Court., (off New Goulston Street (south)). 1871 Census living with husband & seven children at 48 Crispin Street, Spitalfields. At death 'Rifka wife of Bendit son of Benjamin', - surname spelled REECE.

Note on Child 1: Rosy (Rosa) REES - shared note

Born in home of grandparents before parents marriage. Left first husband. Daughter by James Smith, Eliza Elizabeth died 20th July 1898 age 18 months. 1918 Second Marriage to James Berwood Smith at Register Office Mile End Old Town London. Not buried with second husband but in Jewish cemetery Marlow Road East Ham, London Section D: Row 28 No. 9 & 10

Note on Child 2: Pheobe REES

1881 census residing as boarder at 4 Goulston Street, Whitechapel with aunt Julia VALANTINE (BITTAN). 1891 census residing with married sister Sarah Hart at 77 Bedford Street, Mile End, London.

Note on Child 3: Joshua REES - shared note

Attend Jewish Free School from October 1871 to July 1875. Not found in 1881 Census (Died?)

Note on Child 4: Sarah REES

1881 sensus living with married sister Rosa at 20 Whites Row. Address at Marriage 77 Bedford Street, Mile End Old Town, London.

Note on Child 6: Samual REES

1881 census residing as boarder with surname spelt REESE at 4 Goulston Street, Whitechapel with aunt Julia VALANTINE (Bittan). 5th April 1900 shown arriving Ellis Island USA on SS New York from Southampton heading for Baltimore.

Note on Child 7: Amelia REES

1901 census living at 81 Corfield Street, Bethnal Green. 1911 at 54 Stepney Green, London


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