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Family of Joshua BETAN (BITTAN) and Phoebe MARTIN (NUNES MARTINEZ)

Husband: Joshua BETAN (BITTAN) (1811-1869)
Wife: Phoebe MARTIN (NUNES MARTINEZ) (1815-1879)
Children: Benjamin BITTAN (1835-1867)
Abraham (Alexanda) BITTAN (1837-1895)
Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN) (1839-1872)
Dinah BITTAN (1842-1893)
Julia (Simcha) BETAN (BITTAN) (1844- )
Jacob BETAN (BITTAN) (1846-1847)
Samual BETAN (BITTAN) (1848- )
Esther BETAN (BITTAN) (1850-1851)
Elias BETAN (BETTAN) (1852-1854)
Solomon BETAN (BITTAN) (1855-1944)
Sarah BETAN (BITTAN) (1861-1912)
Marriage 24 Sep 1834 Under aus. of Bevis Marks Synagogue London City
20 Elul 5594 Bevis Marks?

Husband: Joshua BETAN (BITTAN)

Name: Joshua BETAN (BITTAN)
Sex: Male
Father: Yamin (Benjamin) BETAN ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1811 Fez, Morocco
Age 40 at 1851 census
Death 11 Dec 1869 (age 57-58) Spitalfields, London
Cause: Rheumatism, Cardiac Disease.
Address: 18 Crispin Street, Artilery
Age given as 65
Burial 13 Dec 1869 Novo Cemetery Mile End  
Row 115 grave 16 - no gravestone left.
Occupation Drug Dealer/Traveller
Religion Jewish


Sex: Female
Father: Jacob MARTIN (NUNES MARTINEZ) (1775-1844)
Mother: Rebecca EMANUEL (1779-1839)
Birth 30 Apr 1815 London Middlesex
Death 17 Feb 1879 (age 63) Spitalfields London
Cause: Dropsy
Address: 25 Shepherd Street.
Burial 21 Feb 1879 Novo Cemetery Mile End
Row 126 grave 28
Religion Jewish Sephardi

Child 1: Benjamin BITTAN

Name: Benjamin BITTAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Esther LEVY (1838- )
Birth 11 Aug 1835 London Middlesex
Death 4 Feb 1867 (age 31) Whitechapel, London
22 Duke Street
Religion Jewish
Occupation General Dealer

Child 2: Abraham (Alexanda) BITTAN


Abraham (Alexanda) BITTAN, Abraham Bittan Headstone

Name: Abraham (Alexanda) BITTAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Miriam (Mary) SOLOMONS (1835-1921)
Birth 2 Jul 1837 London Middlesex
Death 23 Jul 1895 (age 58) 4 Spelman Street Whitechapel
Burial Novo Cemetery
Mile End, London
Row 153 No. 28
Occupation General dealer, Draper & Piece Broker later Commission Agent
Religion Jewish

Child 3: Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN)

Name: Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN)
Sex: Female
Spouse: Benjamin REES (1831-1900)
Birth 16 Jun 1839 Spitalfields, Whitechapel, London
17 Dorset Street, Christchurch.
Death 25 Apr 1872 (age 32) 48 Crispin Street Spitalfields London
Cause: Exhaustion after operation for Strangulated Hernia
Religion Jewish

Child 4: Dinah BITTAN

Name: Dinah BITTAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Abraham NATHAN (1848- )
Birth 14 Jan 1842 Stepney, London, Middlesex
Religion Jewish
Death 1893 (age 50-51) Sep Qtr, Lambeth

Child 5: Julia (Simcha) BETAN (BITTAN)

Name: Julia (Simcha) BETAN (BITTAN)
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph VALANTINE (1842- )
Birth 25 Apr 1844 Stepney, Middlesex
Religion Jewish

Child 6: Jacob BETAN (BITTAN)

Name: Jacob BETAN (BITTAN)
Sex: Male
Birth 18 May 1846 London
Death 16 Dec 1847 (age 1) London

Child 7: Samual BETAN (BITTAN)

Name: Samual BETAN (BITTAN)
Sex: Male
Birth 15 Aug 1848 City of London
Religion Jewish

Child 8: Esther BETAN (BITTAN)

Name: Esther BETAN (BITTAN)
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Sep 1850 City Of London
Death 1851 (age 0-1) Sept Qtr, London
From Free BMD
Religion Jewish

Child 9: Elias BETAN (BETTAN)

Name: Elias BETAN (BETTAN)
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Jul 1852 Whitechapel London
Death 1854 (age 1-2) Mar Qtr, Whitechapel, London
Burial 13 Mar 1854 Novo Cemetery Mile End Row 13
Religion Jewish

Child 10: Solomon BETAN (BITTAN)

Name: Solomon BETAN (BITTAN)
Sex: Male
Spouse: Clara HARRIS (1860-1940)
Birth 1 Mar 1855 Whitechapel, London
Occupation Shop general Dealer
Religion Jewish
Death 1944 (age 88-89) Sep Qtr, Wandsworth, London

Child 11: Sarah BETAN (BITTAN)


Sarah BETAN (BITTAN), Sarah Betan

Name: Sarah BETAN (BITTAN)
Sex: Female
Spouse: Abraham (Alfred) LEVY (1859- )
Birth 4 Jun 1861 Whitechapel, London
Religion Jewish
Occupation Cigar Maker
Death 15 Jan 1912 (age 50) London

Note on Marriage

1839 family living at 17 Dorset Street, (birth of dau. Rebecca). 1841 census living with wife & 3 children with surname spelt BETOM at Whites Row, Spitalfields.1851 Census spelt BITTAN family living at 6 Heneage Lane City of London (Parish ofSt Katherine Cree). 1861 Census living at 6 Love Court Middlesex St London. 1869 living at 25 Shepherd Street, Spitalfields, London.

Note on Husband: Joshua BETAN (BITTAN) - shared note

Jewish name at marriage - Joshua de Yamin Betan. . Buried in N/E corner of Novo cemetery. No gravestone left. 1851 state born Morocco. 1861 state born Fez, Morocco

Note on Wife: Phoebe MARTIN (NUNES MARTINEZ) - shared note

Jewish name at marriage - Phoebe de Jacob de Isaac NunesMartinez. Buried in North section of Novo cemetery Mile End Road, London. Gravestone not present.

Note on Child 2: Abraham (Alexanda) BITTAN

At marriage living at 8 Hutchinson St. Houndsditch London. Mentioned as witness with brother-in-law? Isaac Martin (Nunes-Martinez) in old Bailey trial 30th Nov 1863. Won libel claim against younger brother Solomon 23 November 1894.1

Note on Child 3: Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN) - shared note

Birth not found in BM Synagogue records.1841 census living at Whites Row, Spitalfields. 1851 Census at 6 Heneage Lane with parents. At marriage civil certificate wrongly name spelt BRITTAN - address 6 Love Court., (off New Goulston Street (south)). 1871 Census living with husband & seven children at 48 Crispin Street, Spitalfields. At death 'Rifka wife of Bendit son of Benjamin', - surname spelled REECE.

Note on Child 4: Dinah BITTAN - shared note

Address at Marriage 49 Crispin Street Spitalfields London

Note on Child 5: Julia (Simcha) BETAN (BITTAN)

Birth not found in BM Synagogue records. 1851 census living with family at 6 Heneage Lane, age given as 8. 1861 living with family at 6 Love Court, but age incorrectly given as 11.. 1881 living as boarder at 4 Goulston Street, Whitechapel with niece & nephew Pheobe and Samuel REES (spelt REECE)

Note on Child 7: Samual BETAN (BITTAN) - shared note

1881 census shows a Samuel Briton age 36 living with family at40 Beaumont Sqr Mile End

Note on Child 9: Elias BETAN (BETTAN)

Birth registered BETTAN. Death registered as BITTON

Note on Child 10: Solomon BETAN (BITTAN)

Pleaded guilty and convicted for libel against Abraham Bittan and given 3 months imprisonment 23rd Nov 1894.1

Note on Child 11: Sarah BETAN (BITTAN)

1891 & 1901 census living with husband and children at 84 Oxford Street, Whitechapel. 1911 living at 20 Alderney Road, Mile End. London.


Jewish Chronicle Announcements -

Levy -- In ever loving memory of our darling wife and mother Sarah Levy who departed this life on Jan 15th 1912. Gone but not forgotten. G-d rest her dear soul in peace. Amen. From her ever loving husband, Abraham, daughter and son, Fanny and Sam 20 Alderney road

Mile End E.

Levy - in ever loving and lating memory of my darling mother Sarah Levy who passed away on Jan 15th 1912. Sadly missed by her son, daughter in law and grandchildren. May G-d rest her dear soul in peace. Amen - Mr. Ralph Levy 77 Harford street, Mile End, E.

Levy - In ever loving memory of my dearly beloved mother Sarah Levy who departed this life on Jan 15th 1912, Sadly missed by her daughter, son in law and grandchildren. May G-d rest her dear soul in peace amen - Mrs. N. Crabb 44 Great Queen St. Kingsway WC.

Levy - in ever loving memory of my dearly beloved mother Sarah Levy who departed this life on Jan 15th 1912. Sadly missed by her daughter Dinah. May G-d rest her dear soul in peace Amen, Mrs. G. Cohn 148 W. 143rd street NYC USA. American papers please copy.

Levy - in ever loving memory of my darling mother Sarah Levy who passed away Jan 15th 1912, Deeply mourned by her loving daughter and son in law, Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Lazarus, 35 British street Bow


1"Proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674 - 1913".