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Family of Hyam DAVIS and Amelia REES

Husband: Hyam DAVIS (1832-1880)
Wife: Amelia REES (1835-1895)
Children: Esther DAVIS (1860- )
Sophia DAVIS (1861- )
Sarah DAVIS (1862- )
Barnet DAVIS (1864- )
Joseph DAVIS (1866- )
Marriage 12 May 1857 Great Synagogue Charles London

Husband: Hyam DAVIS

Name: Hyam DAVIS
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph DAVIS (1801- )
Mother: Judy (Julia) WOOLF (1810- )
Birth 1832 Whitechapel London
Occupation General Dealer
Religion Jewish
Death 3 Apr 1880 (age 47-48) 30 Great Eagle Street, Spitalfields

Wife: Amelia REES

Name: Amelia REES
Sex: Female
Father: Barnet REES (RIES) (1799-1882)
Mother: Sarah ISAACS (1804-1887)
Birth 1835 Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish
Death 3 Jul 1895 (age 59-60) London Hospital, Whitechapel
West Ham Jewish Cemetery

Child 1: Esther DAVIS

Name: Esther DAVIS
Sex: Female
Birth 1860 Spitalfields London
Occupation Cirgar Maker

Child 2: Sophia DAVIS

Name: Sophia DAVIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1861 Spitalfields London
Occupation Tailoress

Child 3: Sarah DAVIS

Name: Sarah DAVIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Moses (Morris) HYAMS (1858- )
Birth 1862 Spitalfields London
Occupation Tailoress

Child 4: Barnet DAVIS

Name: Barnet DAVIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1864 Spitalfields London
Occupation Metal Sorter

Child 5: Joseph DAVIS

Name: Joseph DAVIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1866 Spitalfields London
Occupation Warehouse Boy 1881

Note on Husband: Hyam DAVIS - shared note

Address of both at Marriage given as 23 Tilley? Street Spitalfields London. Both also make 'the mark of'.

Note on Wife: Amelia REES - shared note

1881 Census living (widowed) at 56 Fashion Street Spitalfields. At death of mother and at 1891 census living at 7 Fashion Street, Spitalfields.

Note on Child 1: Esther DAVIS - shared note

1901 census living with sister Sarah with age given as 44

Note on Child 2: Sophia DAVIS - shared note

1901 census living with sister Sarah