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Family of Barend (Barnet) REES (REESE) (RIES) and Sarah ISAACS

Husband: Barend (Barnet) REES (REESE) (RIES) (1795-1882)
Wife: Sarah ISAACS (1801-1887)
Children: Hymen (Hyam) Barnet REES (1826-1874)
Isaac REES (1828-1906)
Rosey REES (1829-1843)
Benjamin REES (1831-1900)
Amelia REES (1835-1895)
Moses (Morris) REES (1838- )
Lawrence REES (1840-1920)
Michael REES (1843-1906)
Henry (Harry) REES (1845-1923)
Sophia REES (1849-1906)
Marriage 27 Feb 1825 Great Synagogue Charles London

Husband: Barend (Barnet) REES (REESE) (RIES)

Name: Barend (Barnet) REES (REESE) (RIES)
Sex: Male
Father: Benjamin REES (RYST OR RIES) ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1795 Amsterdam, Holland
Occupation General (Spectacle) Dealer
Religion Jewish
Death 20 Sep 1882 (age 86-87) 56 Fashion St, Spitalfields, London. Age Given As 87?
Cause: Senectus? Diarrhoea
Informant son Isaac
Burial West Ham Jewish cemetery, London
Marlow Road.
Plot L, 13, 6

Wife: Sarah ISAACS

Name: Sarah ISAACS
Sex: Female
Father: Moses ISAACS ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1801 Holland
Religion Jewish
Death 26 Oct 1887 (age 85-86) 56 Fashion St, Spitalfields, London.
Cause: Senile Debility & Cronic Bronchitus
Burial West Ham Jewish cemetery, London
Marlow Road.
Plot J, 8, 3

Child 1: Hymen (Hyam) Barnet REES

Name: Hymen (Hyam) Barnet REES
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Sophia HART (1828-aft1855)
Spouse 2: Eliza DALEY ( -bef1871)
Birth 1826 London
Occupation Rag/General Dealer
Religion Jewish
Death 11 Apr 1874 (age 47-48) Camden Town, London
Cause: Phthisis certified (chronic tuberculosis of the lungs)
Address: 13 Pratt Street
Death notified by son-in-law Walsh Roberts

Child 2: Isaac REES

Name: Isaac REES
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Abigail JACOBS (1823-1860)
Spouse 2: Sarah LEVY (1836- )
Birth 1828 Spitalfields London
Occupation Rag & Bottle Merchant/Fishmonger
Religion Jewish
Death 1906 (age 77-78) Hackney, London

Child 3: Rosey REES

Name: Rosey REES
Sex: Female
Birth 1829
Death 1 May 1843 (age 13-14) 9 Bell Lane Spitalfields

Child 4: Benjamin REES

Name: Benjamin REES
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN) (1839-1872)
Spouse 2: Esther COHEN (1849-1902)
Birth 1831 Spitalfields London
Death 1900 (age 68-69) Mar Qtr, Mile End Old Town, London
Occupation Marine Store Dealer
Religion Jewish

Child 5: Amelia REES

Name: Amelia REES
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hyam DAVIS (1832-1880)
Birth 1835 Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish
Death 3 Jul 1895 (age 59-60) London Hospital, Whitechapel
Burial 5 Jul 1895
West Ham Jewish Cemetery
Plot A.6.7.

Child 6: Moses (Morris) REES

Name: Moses (Morris) REES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rose CROSWELL (1851- )
Birth 1838 Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish
Occupation Labourer

Child 7: Lawrence REES

Name: Lawrence REES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Matilda HYAMS (1843-1896)
Birth 1840 Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish
Occupation Marine Store dealer/Rag Merchant
Death 1920 (age 79-80)

Child 8: Michael REES

Name: Michael REES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane BIRNE (1844-1902)
Birth 1843 Spitalfields London
Occupation General/Marine Store Dealer
Religion Jewish
Death 1906 (age 62-63) London
Burial 1906 Plashet Jewish Cemetery, London
Section E Row 6 plot 29

Child 9: Henry (Harry) REES


Henry (Harry) REES, Deborah & Henry Rees Headstone

Name: Henry (Harry) REES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Deborah LEVY (1847-1916)
Birth 1845 Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish
Occupation Marine Store & Rag Dealer
Death 2 Nov 1923 (age 77-78) Limehouse, London1
Burial Plashnet Jewish Cemetery, London
Plot N 47 1

Child 10: Sophia REES


Sophia REES, Sophia Hyams (nee Rees) Headstone


Spouse: John HYAMS, John Hyams Head stone

Name: Sophia REES
Sex: Female
Spouse: John HYAMS (1848-1916)
Birth 1849 Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish
Death 28 Sep 1906 (age 56-57) Pancras, London
Burial Edmonton Western Cemetery

Note on Husband: Barend (Barnet) REES (REESE) (RIES) - shared note

Hebrew name translation " Issachar Baer son of Baruch Benedet HaLevi". 1841 Census living at Bell Lane. 1851 with name spelt 'Brient REESE' at 2 Catherine Wheel Sq (later Row?) St Boltophs London.1861 Census living at 27 Whites Row Spitalfields London. 1881 Census living at 1 Fashion Street Spitalfields London. Could be the Barnet Reis, aged 88, who was awarded a pension by the Aged Needy Society in 1879?

Note on Wife: Sarah ISAACS - shared note

"Sarah daughter of Moses"Living with husband 1851 Census.1861 Census living with widowed son Isaac at 103 Cornwall Road, Lambeth.. Age at death given as 86

Note on Child 1: Hymen (Hyam) Barnet REES

Living at 2 Bell Lane Christchurch London at marriage . Hebrew name Haim son of David Baer (Behr) HaLevi.

1871 widower Hyman living at 20 Red Cross Street, St Saviours, Southwark with dau. Sarah.

Note on Child 2: Isaac REES - shared note

Hebrew name Isaac son of Issachar Behr Ha Levi.Occ. 1961 census living as widower with children at 103, Cornwall Road, St Mary, Lambeth. 1891 (indexed as RUS) living at 226 Graham Road Hackney with Sons Benjamin, Barnet & Hyman and daughters Julia & Rachel with boarder Jacob HYAMS - future husband of Julia.

Note on Child 3: Rosey REES - shared note

"Reischa(?) daughter of Baer son of Bendit Ha Levi"

Note on Child 4: Benjamin REES - shared note

Living with parents 1851 Census.

Note on Child 5: Amelia REES - shared note

1881 Census living (widowed) at 56 Fashion Street Spitalfields. At death of mother and at 1891 census living at 7 Fashion Street, Spitalfields.

Note on Child 6: Moses (Morris) REES

1881 census living with family at 21 Batty Street, St George in the East, surname spelled REECE

Note on Child 7: Lawrence REES - shared note

1861 census living with widowed brother Isaac at 103 Cromwell Road Lambeth. Address at Marriage given as 11 Cornwall Road London. 1871 living 57 Bermondsey New Road, Southwark, 1881 & 1891 census livng at 72 Larkhall Lane Lambeth. 1911 living with married daughter Sophia at 24 Shirley Road, Vicarage Lane, Stratford.

Note on Child 8: Michael REES

1861 census living with father at 27 Whites Row Spitalfields. Address at Marriage 26 Little Alie Street. 1871 census living at 4a Little Prescott Street. 1872 to 1874 living 154 Denmark Street. According to Jewish Free School records 1876 to 1878 living at 154 St Georges Street. 1881 census living with family at 145 Tooley Street Southwark. 1891 & 1901 at 151 St George Street, Stepney.

Note on Child 9: Henry (Harry) REES - shared note

1861 Census living with widowed brother Isaac at 103 Cornwall RoadLambeth.

Note on Child 10: Sophia REES

1881 to 1901 living 1 Lancashire Court, St George, Hanover Sqr, London


1"Jewish Chronicle Archives on line".