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Family of Henry REES and Deborah LEVY

Husband: Henry REES (1847-1923)
Wife: Deborah LEVY (1848-1916)
Children: David REES (1867- )
Sarah REES (1868- )
Isaac REES (1869-1922)
Rachel REES (1870- )
Female REES (1872- )
Amelia REES (1875- )
Emanuel REES (1881- )
Elizabeth REES (1884- )
Samelia REES (1882- )
Sophia REES (1885- )
Kate (Betsy) (Elizabeth) REES (1887- )
Barnett REES (1889- )
Marriage 20 Dec 1866 London

Husband: Henry REES

Name: Henry REES
Sex: Male
Father: Barnet REES (RIES) (1799-1882)
Mother: Sarah ISAACS (1804-1887)
Birth 1847 Spitalfields London
Religion Jewish
Occupation Marine Store & Rag Dealer
Death 2 Nov 1923 (age 75-76) Limehouse, London1

Wife: Deborah LEVY

Name: Deborah LEVY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1848 Newington Surrey
Death 27 Dec 1916 (age 67-68) Mile End Old Town, London2

Child 1: David REES

Name: David REES
Sex: Female
Birth 4 Mar 1867 Lambeth London
Occupation Marne Store Dealer

Child 2: Sarah REES

Name: Sarah REES
Sex: Female
Birth 1868 Jun Qtr, Lambeth London

Child 3: Isaac REES

Name: Isaac REES
Sex: Male
Birth 11 May 1869 Spitalfields London
Occupation Rag sorter
Death 1922 (age 52-53) Dec Qtr, Southwark, London

Child 4: Rachel REES

Name: Rachel REES
Sex: Female
Birth 1870 Jun Qtr, Whitechapel London

Child 5: Female REES

Name: Female REES
Sex: Female
Birth 1872 Dec Qtr, Whitechapel London

Child 6: Amelia REES

Name: Amelia REES
Sex: Female
Birth 1875 Sep Qtr, Whitechapel (Spitalfields) London

Child 7: Emanuel REES

Name: Emanuel REES
Sex: Male
Birth 1881 Mar Qtr, Mile End Old Town (Spitalfields) London
Occupation Tailor

Child 8: Elizabeth REES

Name: Elizabeth REES
Sex: Female
Birth 1884 Mar Qtr, Mile End Old Town (Stepney) London

Child 9: Samelia REES

Name: Samelia REES
Sex: Female
Spouse: Leon BLACK (1883- )
Birth 6 Aug 1882 Stepney, London

Child 10: Sophia REES

Name: Sophia REES
Sex: Female
Birth 1885 Dec Qtr, Mile End Old Town (Stepney) London

Child 11: Kate (Betsy) (Elizabeth) REES

Name: Kate (Betsy) (Elizabeth) REES
Sex: Female
Birth 1887 Mar Qtr, Mile End Old Town (Stepney) London
Occupation Cigar Maker

Child 12: Barnett REES

Name: Barnett REES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Matilda FAIRMAN ( - )
Birth 1889 Sep Qtr, Mile End Old Town (Stepney) London
Occupation Paper sorter

Note on Marriage

1871 (indexed as RUS) family living at 7 Tender Street (north) Whitechapel. 1874 and Census of 1881 living at 7 Fashion Court Spitalfields London. 1891 & 1901 living at 62 Varden Street Mile End Old town. 1911 at 2 Merchant St Bow E, Poplar, London stating 12 children born but three having died.

Note on Husband: Henry REES - shared note

1861 Census living with widowed brother Isaac at 103 Cornwall RoadLambeth.

Note on Child 1: David REES

Attend Jewish free School January 1874 to October 1877.

Note on Child 3: Isaac REES

Attend Jewish Free School 16 October 1876 to March 1877. 1911 census living with parents and five siblings at 2 Merchant St Bow E, Poplar, London


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