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Family of Abraham (Alexanda) BITTAN and Miriam (Mary) SOLOMONS

Husband: Abraham (Alexanda) BITTAN (1837-1895)
Wife: Miriam (Mary) SOLOMONS (1835-1921)
Children: Joshua BITTAN (1856-1856)
Joshua (John) BITTAN (1857-1912)
Solomon BITTAN (1859-1859)
Amelia BITTAN (1860- )
Jacob BITTAN (1862- )
Abraham BITTAN (1864-1893)
Esther BITTAN (1865- )
Benjamin (Henry) BITTAN (1866-1929)
Joseph BITTAN (1868- )
Hannah BITTAN (1872- )
Rebecca BITTAN (1873- )
Marriage 13 Jun 1856 4 Bell Lane Spitalfields London under aus. of BMS&PCon.

Husband: Abraham (Alexanda) BITTAN


Abraham (Alexanda) BITTAN, Abraham Bittan Headstone

Name: Abraham (Alexanda) BITTAN
Sex: Male
Father: Joshua BETAN (BITTAN) (1811-1869)
Mother: Phoebe MARTIN (NUNES MARTINEZ) (1815-1879)
Birth 2 Jul 1837 London Middlesex
Death 23 Jul 1895 (age 58) 4 Spelman Street Whitechapel
Burial Novo Cemetery
Mile End, London
Row 153 No. 28
Occupation General dealer, Draper & Piece Broker later Commission Agent
Religion Jewish

Wife: Miriam (Mary) SOLOMONS

Name: Miriam (Mary) SOLOMONS
Sex: Female
Father: Solomon SOLOMON (1813- )
Mother: Miriam 'Amelia' FERNANDES (1817-1893)
Birth 1835 Middlesex, London
Death 3 Apr 1921 (age 85-86) London
Burial 6 Apr 1921 Novo Cemetery
Mile End, London
Row 153 No. 29R
Occupation Parasol maker
Religion Jewish

Child 1: Joshua BITTAN

Name: Joshua BITTAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1856 Jun Qtr,Whitechapel, London
Death 1856 (age 0) Jun Qtr,Whitechapel, London

Child 2: Joshua (John) BITTAN

Name: Joshua (John) BITTAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Esther (Elizabeth) MARTIN (NUNES MARTINEZ) (1856- )
Birth 21 Jun 1857 Stepney London
Surname on BM Synagogue record given as BITTON
Occupation Cigar maker later General dealer in Clothing
Religion Jewish
Death 23 Dec 1912 (age 55) Suffolk County, Boston, USA

Child 3: Solomon BITTAN

Name: Solomon BITTAN
Sex: Male
Birth 16 May 1859
Death 1859 (age 0) Dec Qtr Whitechapel, London

Child 4: Amelia BITTAN

Name: Amelia BITTAN
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Oct 1860 Whitechapel London
Religion Jewish

Child 5: Jacob BITTAN

Name: Jacob BITTAN
Sex: Male
Birth 5 Sep 1862 Whitechapel London
Occupation Cigar maker
Religion Jewish

Child 6: Abraham BITTAN

Name: Abraham BITTAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Deborah ALEXANDER (1865- )
Birth 10 Apr 1864 Whitechapel London
Surname on BM Synagogue record given as BITTON
Occupation Cigar maker
Religion Jewish
Death 1893 (age 28-29) London

Child 7: Esther BITTAN

Name: Esther BITTAN
Sex: Female
Birth 9 Apr 1865

Child 8: Benjamin (Henry) BITTAN

Name: Benjamin (Henry) BITTAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rosa TANNEBAUM (1868- )
Birth 5 Mar 1866 Whitechapel London
Occupation Cigar maker/Boot Maker
Religion Jewish
Death 25 Jul 1929 (age 63) Sep Qtr, Islington, London
Burial 25 Jul 1929 Hoop Lane Cemetery

Child 9: Joseph BITTAN

Name: Joseph BITTAN
Sex: Male
Birth 15 Jan 1868 Whitechapel London
Religion Jewish

Child 10: Hannah BITTAN

Name: Hannah BITTAN
Sex: Female
Birth 25 Mar 1872 Whitechapel London
Occupation Button hole maker
Religion Jewish

Child 11: Rebecca BITTAN

Name: Rebecca BITTAN
Sex: Female
Birth 30 Nov 1873 Whitechapel London
Occupation Button hole maker
Religion Jewish

Note on Marriage

1861 census family living at 1 Whites Row, Spitalfields with surname BITTON. 1871 census at 18 John Street, Brick Lane, Whitechapel with occ. of Abraham given as 'Hawker of stockings'. Extract from 'The Jewish Victorian' (Doreen Berger) dated 11.4.1873, "The sympathy of the jewish public is solicited on behalf of Abraham Bittan who has a wife and nine children. He has for many years earned a livelihood by honest industry but owing to a severe injury met with while riding on an omnibus has been in London and St.Bartholomews hospitals for several months past and incapable of following his usaual employment. This misfortune has caused the breaking up of his home and left him destitute". 1881 Census living at 18 John Street Whitechapel - named as BETTAN. 1891 Census living at 4 Spelman Street Whitechapel. At death left £260 to wife Mary, worth £15,000 in 2012.

Note on Husband: Abraham (Alexanda) BITTAN

At marriage living at 8 Hutchinson St. Houndsditch London. Mentioned as witness with brother-in-law? Isaac Martin (Nunes-Martinez) in old Bailey trial 30th Nov 1863. Won libel claim against younger brother Solomon 23 November 1894.1

Note on Wife: Miriam (Mary) SOLOMONS - shared note

At marriage living at 4 Bell Lane Spitalfields

Note on Child 6: Abraham BITTAN

Attend Jewish Free School November 1869 to 26 April 1875. School birth record given as 12th April 1862? ( A brother Henry also recorded at Free School from November 1872 to Ist June 1875 with birth record of 4th March 1865.) Home address at marriage 13 Freeman Street, Spitalfields. No trace after 1891.

Note on Child 7: Esther BITTAN

Not shown on 1871 census

Note on Child 8: Benjamin (Henry) BITTAN

Recorded as 'Henry' born 4/3/1865 attending Jewish Free School from Nov 1872 to 1st June 1875.

On 28th February 1887 a Benjamin Bittan was arrested in Port Said Ceylon on board the ship Nepaul bound for Australia with Abram Guites and Ms Pollock. Imprisoned with 18 months hard labour after a trial for Aiding and assisting ABRAM JOSEPH GUITES leaving England with intent to defraud his creditors.

Address at marriage 11 Fordham Street, New Road.

Note on Child 9: Joseph BITTAN - shared note

Recorded as born 14/1.1867 attanding Jewish Free School from Apr 1874 to Feb 1880. Later known as Soloman?

Note on Child 10: Hannah BITTAN - shared note

Later known as Annie


1"Proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674 - 1913".