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Family of Raphael HART and Sarah REES

Husband: Raphael HART (1865-1950)
Wife: Sarah REES (1864-1937)
Children: Sarah HART (1892-1961)
Rebecca HART (1894- )
Esther HART (1895- )
Benjamin HART (1898- )
Rosetta HART (1899- )
Marriage 19 Oct 1890 Hambro Synagogue Fenchurch St London

Husband: Raphael HART

Name: Raphael HART
Sex: Male
Father: Raphael HART (1839-1910)
Mother: Sarah ISAACS (1839-1899)
Birth 1 Feb 1865 Spitalfields, London
Occupation Boot Maker/ Commission Agent
Religion Jewish
Death 1950 (age 84-85) Sep Qtr, Stepney, London

Wife: Sarah REES

Name: Sarah REES
Sex: Female
Father: Benjamin REES (1831-1900)
Mother: Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN) (1839-1872)
Birth 1864 March Qtr Spitalfields London
Occupation Cigar Maker
Religion Jewish
Death 1937 (age 72-73) Jun Qtr, Stepney, London

Child 1: Sarah HART

Name: Sarah HART
Sex: Female
Spouse: Louis (Lewis) LEVY (1891-1967)
Birth 14 Jun 1892 Mile End London
Religion Jewish
Death 12 Jul 1961 (age 69) Hove, East Sussex

Child 2: Rebecca HART

Name: Rebecca HART
Sex: Female
Birth 1894 Stepney, London

Child 3: Esther HART

Name: Esther HART
Sex: Female
Birth 1895 Whitechapel, London

Child 4: Benjamin HART

Name: Benjamin HART
Sex: Male
Birth 1898 Stepney, London

Child 5: Rosetta HART

Name: Rosetta HART
Sex: Female
Birth 1899 Stepney, London

Note on Marriage

1891 census family living at 77 Bedford Street, Mile End Old Town, London. 1901 census family living 56 Sidney Street - married sister Pheobe Butler and family also at same address. Info on 1911 census states four children had died and living at 46 Grafton Street, Mile End, London.

Note on Husband: Raphael HART

Attended Jewish Free School Nov 1872 to March 1877. Address at Marriage 30 Settles Street. 1939 Register living as widow with a Rose and Hetty at 21 Grantley Street, Stepney, London,

Note on Wife: Sarah REES

1881 sensus living with married sister Rosa at 20 Whites Row. Address at Marriage 77 Bedford Street, Mile End Old Town, London.

Note on Child 1: Sarah HART (1)

1891 census states age at three and a half months old.

Note on Child 1: Sarah HART (2)

She died by "misadventure." "ignition of clothing from setting fire to rubbish in dustbin."