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Family of James ORR and Jane HORSBURGH

Husband: James ORR (1795-1865)
Wife: Jane HORSBURGH (1815-1893)
Children: James ORR (1838-1868)
Charles ORR (1841-1911)
Jane Christina ORR (1844-1877)
Thomas Henry ORR (1846-1885)
Emily Elizabeth ORR (1848-1918)
David ORR (1852-1912)
Ellen ORR (1854-1931)
Henry George ORR (1858-1933)

Husband: James ORR


James ORR, WO97-0618-106-006-ORR_JAMES

Name: James ORR1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1795 Glenluse, Nr Stranraer, Scotland
Occupation Soldier/Chelsea Pensioner
Physical Description Height 5'7. Fair Hair, Grey eyes.
Death 21 May 1865 (age 69-70) Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
5 Harding Street
Burial 28 May 1865 Holy Trinity, St Philip,
Bristol, Gloucestershire, England


Sex: Female
Father: John HORSBURGH ( - )
Mother: Elizabeth GENTLE ( - )
Birth 31 Aug 1815 Edinburgh, Scotland
Baptism 31 Aug 1815 (age 0) Edinburgh, Scotland
Death 1893 (age 77-78) Dec Qtr Barton Regis, Gloucestershire

Child 1: James ORR


James ORR, 1863, age 25, James Orr

Name: James ORR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane Eliza MINNION (MCCULLOCH) (1842-1914)
Birth 1838 Scotland
Occupation Soldier
Death 1868 (age 29-30) Pembrokeshire, Wales2
Pembroke Dock, Army Garrison
Burial 6 Jul 1868 Pembrokeshire, Wales
Pembroke Dock, Army Garrison

Child 2: Charles ORR

Name: Charles ORR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen LLOYD ( - )
Birth 26 Dec 1841 Cadder, Lanarkshire
Baptism 26 Dec 1841 (age 0) Cadder, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Occupation Soldier/Musician
Death 1911 (age 69-70) Jun Qtr, Shoreditch, London2

Child 3: Jane Christina ORR

Name: Jane Christina ORR
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry James PIKE (1844-1918)
Birth 1 Feb 1844 Clifton Union, Bristol
Sears Lane, St. Phillip & Jacob
Baptism 10 Mar 1844 (age 0) Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
St Philip and Jacob Parish Church
Death 1877 (age 32-33) Dec Qtr, Shoreditch, London

Child 4: Thomas Henry ORR


Thomas Henry ORR, Thomas ORR Grave2

Name: Thomas Henry ORR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Annie FITZGERALD (1850-1924)
Birth 1846 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Christening 17 May 1846 (age 0) Abbots Leigh (Holy Trinity), Somersetshire,
Death 20 Nov 1885 (age 38-39) Bristol, Gloucestershire, England2
Occupation Soldier
Burial Greenbank Cemetery, Bristol2

Child 5: Emily Elizabeth ORR

Name: Emily Elizabeth ORR
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph COTTLE (1851-1924)
Birth 1848 Bristol
Baptism 12 Nov 1848 (age 0) St Phillip & Jacob, Bristol
Occupation Machinist
Death Sep 1918 (age 69-70) Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

Child 6: David ORR

Name: David ORR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma WELLS (1853- )
Birth 1852 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Baptism 23 May 1852 (age 0) St Phillip & Jacob, Bristol
Occupation Iron Furnace Foundryman/ General Labourer
Death 1912 (age 59-60) Dec Qtr, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England2

Child 7: Ellen ORR

Name: Ellen ORR
Sex: Female
Spouse: Noah COTTLE (1852-1919)
Birth 1854 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Baptism 28 Jan 1855 (age 0-1) St Phillip & Jacob, Bristol
Occupation Machinist
Death 1931 (age 76-77) Bristol, Gloucestershire, England2

Child 8: Henry George ORR

Name: Henry George ORR
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Sarah WELLS (1855-1884)
Spouse 2: Harriet WILLIAMS (1859-1940)
Birth 1858 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Baptism 4 Apr 1858 (age 0) St Phillip & Jacob, Bristol
Tower Hill
Church known as Pip'n'Jay
Occupation Boot Riveter
Death 30 Aug 1933 (age 74-75) Bristol, Gloucestershire, England2

Note on Marriage

1844 family living Sears Lane, Clifton, Bristol. 1851 census family living 2 Wilkins Cottages, St Philip & St Jacob Out, Bristol..1861 family at 17 Belmont Street, Stapleton Rd, St George, Bristol.

Note on Husband: James ORR

Born in County of Wigtown (now Dumfries & Galloway). Enlisted in 78 th Regiment of Foot at the age of 15. Re-enlist to 47th Regiment of Foot in 1820. Serve in Holland, French Flanders, East Indies (India) 1821-1829 with service in Burmah from 1824 - 1826. Rise to Sergent Major in 1831. Awarded Burmah Campaign Medal and Good Conduct Medal. Discharged from Army in Dublin in 1834 and return to Scotland as a labourer and married Jane. Move to Bristol and rejoin the 47th Regiment of Foot 28th Aug 1843 to 28 Feb 1860 serving as Staff Sergent at Recruiting Office in Bristol. 1861 Occ. given as 'Chelsea Pensioner'.

His army discharge papers are lodged with the Army Museum in Inverness.3

Note on Wife: Jane HORSBURGH

1871 living as widow at 8 Charlton Street, Bristol. 1891 at 67 Newfoundland Road, St Pauls, Bristol. Age at death given as 78

Note on Child 1: James ORR

1851 census living with parents in Bristol. Became a Sergeant in the 47th Regement of Foot, the same regiment as his father.2

Note on Child 2: Charles ORR

Age 14 join 47th Regiment of Foot as drummer boy. Reg. No. 2866. 1871 located in Limerick, Ireland. Posted later to Canada. Leave Army as Private in 1878 because of ill health. 1891 census living alone at 38 Dorset Street, Spitalfields, London. 1901 & 1911census living at Shoreditch Parish Infirmary, 204 Hoxton Street, Shoreditch, London.

Note on Child 4: Thomas Henry ORR

Joined brothers James and Charles in the Loyal North Lancashire 47th Regiment of Foot. Served in Ireland. Based in Athone 1861 as Drummer / Fifer2

Note on Child 5: Emily Elizabeth ORR

1871 living with widowed mother.

Note on Child 6: David ORR

1871 living with widowed mother.

Note on Child 7: Ellen ORR

1871 living with widowed mother

Note on Child 8: Henry George ORR

1871 living with widowed mother. At death living at 76 Carlyle Road, Easton, Bristol.4


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