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Family of James ORR and Jane Eliza MINNION (MCCULLOCH)

Husband: James ORR (1838-1868)
Wife: Jane Eliza MINNION (MCCULLOCH) (1842-1914)
Children: Charles Thomas ORR (1862-1904)
James Ontario Robert ORR (1864-1942)
Marion Jane ORR (1866-1954)
Bertrand (Bertie) William ORR (1868-1933)
George (Henry) ORR (1868- )
Marriage 20 Mar 1860 Cork, Ireland
St Lukes Church of Ireland

Husband: James ORR


James ORR, 1863, age 25, James Orr

Name: James ORR
Sex: Male
Father: James ORR (1795-1865)
Mother: Jane HORSBURGH (1815-1893)
Birth 1838 Scotland
Occupation Soldier
Death 1868 (age 29-30) Pembrokeshire, Wales1
Pembroke Dock, Army Garrison
Burial 6 Jul 1868 Pembrokeshire, Wales
Pembroke Dock, Army Garrison


Sex: Female
Father: William MCCULLOCH (1833-1910)
Mother: Margaret ( - )
Birth 17 Mar 1842 Magheralin, Down, Ireland1
Death 11 Nov 1914 (age 72) Lisburn, County Antrim, Ireland

Child 1: Charles Thomas ORR

Name: Charles Thomas ORR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma Bridget WEBB (1865-1933)
Birth 28 Apr 1862 Montreal Qc, Canada
Christening 11 May 1862 (age 0) Montreal Qc, Canada
Occupation Soldier/Carter/Corn Porter
Death 4 Feb 1904 (age 41) Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Cause: Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Address: 2 Dermot Street

Child 2: James Ontario Robert ORR

Name: James Ontario Robert ORR1
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mary Hannah ELLIOTT (1876-1909)
Spouse 2: Amy FLETCHER (1874-1956)
Spouse 3: Alice Amelia ROBBINS (1878-1946)
Birth 1 Jun 1864 London, Ontario, Canada
Baptism 1 Jul 1864 (age 0) London, Canada
St Pauls, Church
Death 10 Nov 1942 (age 78) Newent, Gloucester, England
Reeces Cottages
Occupation Soldier/Army Pensioner Commissionaire/Hospital Attendant

Child 3: Marion Jane ORR

Name: Marion Jane ORR
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas Henry WHITTERN (1858-1930)
Birth 11 Jun 1866 Toronto, Canada
47th Regiment Depot
Baptism 19 Jul 1866 (age 0) Toronto, Canada
47th Regiment Depot
Death 1954 (age 87-88) Sep Qtr, Thornbury, Gloucestershire

Child 4: Bertrand (Bertie) William ORR

Name: Bertrand (Bertie) William ORR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lizzie M FARMER (1872- )
Birth 27 Mar 1868 Pembroke, Wales
Pembroke Dock, Army Garrison
Baptism 31 Mar 1868 (age 0) Pembroke Dock, Army Garrison,
Pembroke, Wales.
Occupation Harness maker/Soldier/Coachman
Death 12 Jul 1933 (age 65) Limerick, Ireland
12 Ryans Terrace, Rosbrien Road
Information provided bt Army Pension records

Child 5: George (Henry) ORR

Name: George (Henry) ORR
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Mar 1868 Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Pembroke Dock, Army Garrison
Baptism 19 Apr 1868 (age 0) Pembroke Dock, Army Garrison,
Pembroke, Wales
Baptised as Henry whilst birth registered as George

Note on Marriage

At marriage Eliza's surname given as Minnion alias McCullough. 1861 stationed in Army at Athone. Also stationed in Montreal after the 'Trent' Affair 1861 to 1868. Stationed at Pembroke Dock, Garrison, Pembroke, Wales 31st Mar 1868 for childrens baptisms.

Note on Husband: James ORR

1851 census living with parents in Bristol. Became a Sergeant in the 47th Regement of Foot, the same regiment as his father.1

Note on Wife: Jane Eliza MINNION (MCCULLOCH)

Notification of death given by son James O Orr with age given as 71

Note on Child 1: Charles Thomas ORR

Age of 6 sent to England at Royal Military Asylums and education establishment for children of the regular Army at King s Road Chelsea. Recorded there in the 1871 census. 1876 enlist as a boy soldier in London No. 1302 in the Army Service Corps. Serve in South Africa 1879 until 1888. Registered in 1881 as a Private in South Camp, Aldershot Military (Hants). Discharged from Army in August 1888 at Devonport for misconduct following being found guilty of insubordination.

Note on Child 2: James Ontario Robert ORR

Sent to England by parents. 1888 shown on brother Charles's Army record as serving in the 47th Regiment of Foot. 1891 census living with brother Charles and family at Lawrence Street, Bristol.

Informant at death of mother in Ireland in 1914

Shown as being in Prison in Gloucester in 1922 for Bigamy.

Note on Child 3: Marion Jane ORR

1881 census living as Nursemaid of Army family at Horfield Barracks Horfield, Bristol. At marriage to Thomas living at 5 Lawrence Street, Bristol.

Note on Child 4: Bertrand (Bertie) William ORR

Join the British Army with the Royal Artillery in Cork Ireland 26 February 1886. Believed he was born in Limerick, Ireland! Suffer from eye and various diseases during army service. Had big toe amputated following accident oboard HMS Euphrates going to India in 1893. Discharged from Army as being unfit for service with pension 19th May 1897. Charged with attempted unlawfull act with a minor at Chute but found not guilty 27th Oct.1905. 1911 Irish census state 3 children born with one having died and eldest child (May) born in Co Cork, Ireland!


1Andrew Wright, "James Orr Genealogy Report".