Once Apon A Time... My WHIPP & RHODES Family Tree

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Amy WHIPP (nee AMOS) 3rd from left with family outside 5 Hove Street, Hove, Sussex circ. 1925

Welcome to the WHIPP & RHODES family tree.

It contains families from Kent, London, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Sussex, Wiltshire, and other Counties of England & Scotland together with relatives in Canada and the USA.

It also repeats some familiy details found on 'Jewish Roots' and 'Whipp, Mills & Young Families'

Please note the INDEX at the top of the page.

I am very grateful to other family members for sharing their research.

This site is dedicated to the memory of our late son Christopher Vernon Joseph WHIPP

Please feel free to contact me for any additions or corrections.


2010 (Revised August 2021)


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