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Family of Henry George ORR and Harriet WILLIAMS

Husband: Henry George ORR (1858-1933)
Wife: Harriet WILLIAMS (1859-1940)
Children: James Henry ORR (1888-1917)
Herbert ORR (1889-1949)
Harriet ORR (1891-1979)
Cyrus ORR (1893-1959)
Hubert (Bert) ORR (1895-1984)
Edgar ORR (1902-1989)
Marriage 1886 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

Husband: Henry George ORR

Name: Henry George ORR
Sex: Male
Father: James ORR (1795-1865)
Mother: Jane HORSBURGH (1815-1893)
Birth 1858 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Baptism 4 Apr 1858 (age 0) St Phillip & Jacob, Bristol
Tower Hill
Church known as Pip'n'Jay
Occupation Boot Riveter
Death 30 Aug 1933 (age 74-75) Bristol, Gloucestershire, England1

Wife: Harriet WILLIAMS

Name: Harriet WILLIAMS1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1859 Magor, Gwent, Wales
Christening 16 Apr 1859 (age 0) Magor, Gwent, Wales
Death 28 Jan 1940 (age 80-81) Greenbank, Bristol, Gloucestershire
76 Carlyle Road

Child 1: James Henry ORR

Name: James Henry ORR1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ada Eleanor NICHOLLS ( - )
Birth 1888 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Occupation Accountant/Army Captain
Death 30 Nov 1917 (age 28-29) WW1 Cambrais, France2

Child 2: Herbert ORR

Name: Herbert ORR1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Kate Frances PERRY (1888- )
Birth 1889 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Occupation Steam Engineer
Death 1949 (age 59-60) Dec Qtr, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Child 3: Harriet ORR

Name: Harriet ORR1
Sex: Female
Spouse: J MILLAR ( - )
Birth 1891 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Death Nov 1979 (age 87-88) Brightons, Falkirk, Scotland
Occupation School Teacher; St George's school in Bristol

Child 4: Cyrus ORR

Name: Cyrus ORR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Annie M BENJAMIN (1890-1982)
Birth 1893 Mar Qtr, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Occupation Toolmaker
Death 1959 (age 65-66) Mar Qtr, Woolwich, London

Child 5: Hubert (Bert) ORR

Name: Hubert (Bert) ORR3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ethel Gladys MAGGS (1896-1969)
Birth 13 Mar 1895 Bristol, Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England
John Street Nr. Eastville Road.
Death Apr 1984 (age 89) Bristol, Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England
Occupation Civil Engineer/Soldier

Child 6: Edgar ORR

Name: Edgar ORR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Blanch ADAMS ( - )
Birth 15 Aug 1902 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Occupation Seaman
Death Jun 1989 (age 86) Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Note on Marriage

1891 census living with family and mother Jane at 67 Newfoundland Road, St Pauls, Bristol. 1901 at 42 Gratitude Road, St George, Bristol. After Shoe firm Hickins, Orr & Pole broke up Henry started a new boot and Shoe manufaturing company in a factory in Ashley Road, Bristol between 1910 & 1911.

Note on Husband: Henry George ORR

1871 living with widowed mother. At death living at 76 Carlyle Road, Easton, Bristol.3

Note on Wife: Harriet WILLIAMS

1881 census Domestic Cook at Alma Road, Clifton.

Note on Child 1: James Henry ORR

On leaving The City School, Bristol, James became an articled clerk to the chartered accountancy firm Curtis, Jenkins and Co. of Corn St.

At about the time that James received his chartered accountancy qualification, Lloyd George introduced his National Insurance scheme, and James joined the civil service as a government auditor. After his marriage at which Hubert Orr was their Best Man, they set up home at Bradford-on-Avon.

Served in the Royal Garrison Artillery Unit 210th Siege Bty.

Others in Siege Bty who were casualties the same day 30 Nov 1917 were:

Gnr Reginald TOLLEY 144902 from West Brom KiA

Gnr John James DOCHERTY 163486 from Omagh Co. Tyrone KiA.

Sgt Christopher JARDINE 346677 from Townhead Glasgow KiA,

Gnr William E WILKES 174562 from Tuffley Glous, enl: Birmingham and who is recorded as Died.

Possible this is connected with the German Cambrai counter attack bombardment of the 30/11/17, although on the extreme flank. 5 Officers and 120 OR's of 210 had returned 17 Sept from a short break at a rest camp in Millein, and supported operations against Poelcappelle Paschendale Line. One section of 210 SB, on being relieved by a section of 37 SB, joined 27 HAG on the 6/10/17. The second echelon section arrived on the 20 Oct.

In his will he left £4369.8s to his wfe living at Dundee House, Belmont Street, Stapleton Road, Bristol.3

Note on Child 2: Herbert ORR

Apprenticed to Piggot's locomotive manufacturer at Lillyfields, Kingswood.

Note on Child 4: Cyrus ORR

During WW1 work for Sunbeam Motor Company in Coventry. 3

Note on Child 5: Hubert (Bert) ORR

Errand Boy for Home & Colonial in Stapleton Road, Bristol. Gain scholarship to City of Bristol University to read Civil Engineering. Keen ballroom dancer

Note on Child 6: Edgar ORR

1930's founded a jam factory in Bristol. Captain in Merchant Navy during WW2 on convoy's to Malta carrying petrol.3


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