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Family of Henry HART and Bathsheba (Elizabeth) (Betsy) MENDOZA

Husband: Henry HART (1825- )
Wife: Bathsheba (Elizabeth) (Betsy) MENDOZA (1825-1881)
Children: Catherine Hester HART (1844- )
Moses HART (1846-1848)
Moses HART (1849-1888)
Hannah (Ann) HART (1850- )
Isaac HART (1851-1935)
Hester HART (1854-bef1881)
Woolf HART (1855-1936)
Michael HART (1858-1894)
Sophia HART (1860-1939)
Gabriel HART (1863-1874)
David HART (1865-1907)
Julia HART (1867- )
Hannah HART (1868- )
Esther HART (1869-1874)
Marriage 19 Jun 1849 Great Synagogue London

Husband: Henry HART


Henry HART, Henry HART

Name: Henry HART1
Sex: Male
Father: Mordecaie HART (1797-1875)
Mother: Catherine (kitty ) MOSES (1796- )
Birth 1825 Spitalfields London
Occupation General Dealer2
Religion Jewish

Wife: Bathsheba (Elizabeth) (Betsy) MENDOZA


Bathsheba (Elizabeth) (Betsy) MENDOZA, Betsy MENDOZA

Name: Bathsheba (Elizabeth) (Betsy) MENDOZA
Sex: Female
Father: Moses MENDOZA (1802-1891)
Mother: Yenta (Hannah) HIRSCH (1801- )
Birth 4 Sep 1825 Whitechapel, London
Religion Jewish
Death 27 Jan 1881 (age 55) Spitalfields London

Child 1: Catherine Hester HART

Name: Catherine Hester HART
Sex: Female
Spouse: Samuel BERNSTEIN ( - )
Birth 1844 Spitalfields London

Child 2: Moses HART

Name: Moses HART
Sex: Male
Birth 1846 Spitalfields, London
Death 1848 (age 1-2)

Child 3: Moses HART

Name: Moses HART
Sex: Male
Spouse: Esther BARNETT ( - )
Birth 1849 Spitalfields London
Death 1888 (age 38-39)

Child 4: Hannah (Ann) HART

Name: Hannah (Ann) HART
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph HYAMS (1849- )
Birth 1850 Spitalfields, London

Child 5: Isaac HART

Name: Isaac HART
Sex: Male
Spouse: Esther SUCKMAN (1857- )
Birth 21 Sep 1851 Spitalfields London
Death 1935 (age 83-84) City of London

Child 6: Hester HART

Name: Hester HART
Sex: Female
Birth 1854
Death bef 1881 (age 26-27)

Child 7: Woolf HART

Name: Woolf HART
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rebecca STAAL (1860-1941)
Birth 20 Nov 1855 Spitalfields London
Death 23 Nov 1936 (age 81) Johannesburg, South Africa
Virginia Beach Road

Child 8: Michael HART

Name: Michael HART
Sex: Male
Spouse: Leah HURLEY ( - )
Birth 13 Feb 1858 Spitalfields London
Death 13 May 1894 (age 36) Doornfontein, South Africa

Child 9: Sophia HART

Name: Sophia HART
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph Harris BUCHNER (1859- )
Birth 6 Dec 1860 Spitalfields London
Death 1939 (age 78-79)

Child 10: Gabriel HART

Name: Gabriel HART
Sex: Female
Birth 9 Jan 1863 Spitalfields London
Death Mar 1874 (age 11) Spitalfields London

Child 11: David HART

Name: David HART
Sex: Male
Spouse: Leah ( - )
Birth 22 Apr 1865 Spitalfields London
Death 11 Jul 1907 (age 42) Johannesburg, South Africa

Child 12: Julia HART

Name: Julia HART
Sex: Female
Birth 2 May 1867 Spitalfields London

Child 13: Hannah HART

Name: Hannah HART
Sex: Female
Birth 1868 Spitalfields London

Child 14: Esther HART

Name: Esther HART
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Jun 1869 Spitalfields London
Death 1874 (age 4-5)

Note on Marriage

At marriage both living at 29 Chapel Street, Spitalfields

Note on Husband: Henry HART

Hebrew name: Naftali Hirts

In his latter years, Henry was Publican of the Sir Walter Raleigh tavern, 20 New Street, Houndsditch, London, England. There are various news articles relating to an almost comedic explosion that took place when someone checked for a gas-leak with a lit taper, serving a policeman with alcohol while on duty, and being charged with serving alcohol on Sundays to the Thames fishermen.

Note on Wife: Bathsheba (Elizabeth) (Betsy) MENDOZA

According to an arrival document in London in 1826, after returning from Holland for a wedding, was 4 ft 6 in, and had brown hair; fair complexion; dark eyes; ordinary nose; and brown eyebrows.2


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