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Family of Isidore BUTLER and Phoebe REES

Husband: Isidore BUTLER (1860-1933)
Wife: Phoebe REES (1863-1949)
Children: Rebecca BUTLER (1895- )
Joshua BUTLER (1898- )

Husband: Isidore BUTLER

Name: Isidore BUTLER
Sex: Male
Father: Alexander BUTLER (1835- )
Mother: Esther (1836- )
Birth 1860 Whitechapel London
Occupation Cap cutter
Death 1933 (age 72-73) Mar Qtr, Stepney, London

Wife: Phoebe REES

Name: Phoebe REES
Sex: Female
Father: Benjamin REES (1833-1894)
Mother: Rebecca BETAN (BITTAN) (1839-1872)
Birth 1863 Whitechapel London
Death 1949 (age 85-86) Sep Qtr, Wandsworth, London

Child 1: Rebecca BUTLER

Name: Rebecca BUTLER
Sex: Female
Birth 1895 Stepney London

Child 2: Joshua BUTLER

Name: Joshua BUTLER
Sex: Male
Birth 1898 Stepney London

Note on Marriage

1901 census living with husband & two children at 56 Sidney Street Mile End Old Town - same address as married sister Sarah. 1911 at No. 2 Sidney St, Stepney, England

Note on Husband: Isidore BUTLER - shared note

1881 census living as lodger 11 Alexandra Buildings Spitalfields, 1891 given as widower and boarder at 60 Whitechapel Road (Dolphins), Whitechapel.

Note on Wife: Phoebe REES - shared note

1881 census living with brother Samual as boarder at No. 4 Goulston Street Whitechapel.