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Family of Isaac PHILLIPS and Julia HYMAN

Husband: Isaac PHILLIPS (1817-1877)
Wife: Julia HYMAN (1817-1871)
Children: Esther PHILLIPS (1840- )
Rebecca PHILLIPS (1843- )
Hannah PHILLIPS (1845- )
Phillip PHILLIPS (1847- )
Sarah PHILLIPS (1848- )
Moses Hyman PHILLIPS (1850- )
Miriam (Mary Ann) PHILLIPS (1851- )
Isiah PHILLIPS (1853- )
Julia PHILLIPS (1855- )
Rosetta PHILLIPS (1857- )
Marriage 2 Dec 1840 Great Synagogue Charles London

Husband: Isaac PHILLIPS

Name: Isaac PHILLIPS
Sex: Male
Father: Philip PHILLIPS (1776-1838)
Mother: Sarah MARTIN (NUNES MARTINEZ) (1781-1867)
Birth 1817 London
Occupation Pastry Cook/Confectioner
Death 21 May 1877 (age 59-60) Saint Saviour, Surrey
Burial West Ham Jewish Cemetery, London
Marlow Road.
Inscription: 7950 - Isaac Phillips of 3 Bell Lane Spitalfields for many years Vice President of the M(eta?) confined mourning society and one of the founders of the Jewish Female Mourning Society who died May 21st 1877 aged 61.
From the Hebrew inscription: Isaac b Uri Feiss

Wife: Julia HYMAN

Name: Julia HYMAN
Sex: Female
Father: Moshe HYMAN (1765-1830)
Mother: Sarah (Sally) LEVY (LEVI) (1776-1855)
Birth 1817
Death 3 Jul 1871 (age 53-54)
Burial 5 Jul 1871 West Ham Jewish Cemetery, London
Marlow Road.
Inscription 'Julia the beloved wife of Isaac Phillips of Bell Lane Spitalfields'
Section P.M., Row M.,Grave 15

Child 1: Esther PHILLIPS

Name: Esther PHILLIPS
Sex: Female
Birth 1840

Child 2: Rebecca PHILLIPS

Name: Rebecca PHILLIPS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph JACOBS ( - )
Birth 1843

Child 3: Hannah PHILLIPS

Name: Hannah PHILLIPS
Sex: Female
Birth 1845

Child 4: Phillip PHILLIPS

Name: Phillip PHILLIPS
Sex: Female
Birth 1847

Child 5: Sarah PHILLIPS

Name: Sarah PHILLIPS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Godfrey ABRAHAM (1847- )
Birth 1848

Child 6: Moses Hyman PHILLIPS

Name: Moses Hyman PHILLIPS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Julia DEFRIES (1849- )
Birth 1850

Child 7: Miriam (Mary Ann) PHILLIPS

Name: Miriam (Mary Ann) PHILLIPS
Sex: Female
Birth 1851 Mar Qtr, Whitechapel, London

Child 8: Isiah PHILLIPS

Name: Isiah PHILLIPS
Sex: Male
Birth 1853

Child 9: Julia PHILLIPS

Name: Julia PHILLIPS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Benjamin HART (1854- )
Birth 1855 Mar Qtr, Whitechapel, London

Child 10: Rosetta PHILLIPS

Name: Rosetta PHILLIPS
Sex: Female
Birth 1857 Mar Qtr, Whitechapel, London

Note on Marriage

Address at marriage and at 1841 census 11 Palmer Street, Tendergrounds, Spitalfields, London. 1851,1861 & 1871 census family living at 3 Bell Lane, Spitalfields, London

Note on Husband: Isaac PHILLIPS

Address at death 3 Bell Lane Spitalfields, London